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United States of America

Company Product(s) Location
Exxon Building Pressurization / Air Conditioning System Billings, MT
Washington State University Veterinary Science Building Controlled Environment Rooms (8) Pullman, WA
Washington State University Experimental Animal Lab Physiological Testing Laboratories (4) Pullman, WA
Boeing Commercial Airplane High Temperature and High Humidity Materials Testing Rooms, Design & Build Turnkey Seattle, WA
Exxon USA Control Room Pressurization / Air Conditioning Linden, NJ
BASF Wyandotte Cooler and Freezer Rooms with Backup Controls, Plant Growth Chamber Parsippany, NJ
University of California 11 Controlled Environment Rooms Riverside, CA
Ultramar (Fluor Daniel) Explosion Proof Air Conditioning System Los Angeles, CA
Naval Air Warfare Center Mobile Combination Air Conditioning, Dehumidification System China Lake, CA
ARCO Refinery Control Room Pressurization, Air Conditioning System Los Angeles, CA
Oklahoma College Controlled Environment Rooms (3) Tusla, OK
St. Louis University Tyson Research Center Revision of Abandoned Ammunition Bunker to Precision Controlled Environment Spaces, Design & Build Turnkey St. Louis, MO
University of Iowa Close Tolerance Temperature / Humidity Test Chambers (Temperature Control +/-0.2°C, R.H. +/-1%) Iowa City, Iowa
Food & Drug Administration Class 100 Clean Room Complex with Showers and Locker Rooms Facilities , Design & Build Turnkey Pine Bluff, AZ
National Park Service Plant Growth Room, Design & Build Turnkey South Well Fleet, MA
University of Kentucky Textile Conditioning Room Lexington, KY
Stauffer Chemical Refrigeration Based Vapor Recovery System, Design & Build Louisville, KY
Green Giant Company Pre-assembled Controlled Environment Refrigeration and Control Systems , Design & Build LeSueur, MN
Millsaps College Temperature and Humidity Controlled Growth Chamber with Growth Lights Jackson, MS
Masonite Corporation Central Hardboard Division Indoor and Outdoor Climate Simulation Test Rooms for Building Panels, Design & Build Turnkey Laurel, MS
International Paper Company Controlled Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Moss Point, MS
University of Minnesota Precision Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environment Rooms Duluth, MN
Medical College of South Carolina Controlled Environment Rooms (10) Charleston, SC
Dept. of Defense US Navy Supply Center Metrology (Precision Measurements) Laboratory with 0.015°F Temperature and +/-2% R.H. Control Charleston, SC
Green Giant Company Skid-Mounted Packaged Chiller Miami, FL
Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Explosion Proof Cooling and Heating System Cape Canaveral, FL
Department of Defense US Navy Pressurized Explosion Proof Clean Room Building with provision for removing hazardous chemical vapors, Design & Build Turnkey Pensacola, FL
University of Maryland Zoology Building Specialized Rooms (12) including Aquaria Rooms, Wide Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environment Rooms and Freezers Baltimore, MD
University of Maryland Physical Education Building Wide Temperature and Humidity Range Test Room Baltimore, MD
National Institute of Health Controlled Environment Rooms, Chambers, and Chiller System, Design & Build Turnkey Bethesda, MD
Edgewood Arsenal Controlled Environment Clean Rooms, Design & Build Turnkey Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
University of Wisconsin Medical Center Controlled Environment Rooms (14) for the Cancer Research Center Madison, WI
Medical College of Wisconsin Controlled Environment Rooms (14) including Explosion Proof Rooms, Walk-in Incubators, Low Temp. , Laboratories, and a Physiological Testing Room with Treadmill Milwaukee, WI
Continental Can Company Controlled Temperature and Humidity Testing Rooms operating from 40 to 140°F and 10 to 90% Relative Humidity, Design & Build Turnkey Augusta, GA
US Air Force KoolKart Mobile Air Conditioning System Hill Air Force Base, UT
University of Texas Temperature Controlled Chambers for Engineering Building (2), Controlled Environment Rooms (14) Arlington, TX
Texas A&M University Walk-in Rooms (17) including Growth Chambers, Blast Freezers, and Close Tolerance Temperature and Humidity Controlled Rooms College Station, TX
Southland Paper Company Controlled Temperature and Humidity System for Existing Lab, Design & Build Lufkin, TX
NASA Johnson Space Center Relative Humidity and Temperature Test Instrumentation Houston, TX
Brooke Army Medical Center Test Facility and Instrumentation, Design & Build Turnkey Ft. Sam Houston, TX
State University of New York Plant Growth Room, Temperature and Humidity Control Rooms (37) including Walk-in Plant Growth Rooms (12), All specialized equipment including lighting systems, recording light monitors, refrigeration assemblies, and control housings Delhi, NY
Valspar Control Building Pressurization / Air Conditioning System, Design & Build Turnkey Pittsburgh, PA
University of Pennsylvania Controlled Environment Rooms (12) Philadelphia, PA
Chevron Refinery Pressurization, Deep-Bed Carbon Filter and Chiller Based Pressurization / Air Conditioning Equipment for Control Center Philadelphia, PA
Westvaco Explosion Proof Air Conditioning System DeRidder, LA
Vulcan Materials Vapor Recovery Condenser, Design & Build Geismar, LA
Uniroyal Polymer Pilot Plant Control Panel Baton Rouge, LA
Tulane University Dept. of Biological Sciences Controlled Environment Rooms (8) New Orleans, LA
Touro Infirmary Compartment Kitchen Freezer/Cooler Installation and Controlled Environment Rooms New Orleans, LA
PPC Vapor Recovery Condenser and Packaged Chiller, Design & Build Lake Charles, LA
Placid Oil Refinery Custom Built Control Room Consoles (Approx. 40 feet) New Orleans, LA
Northwest Louisiana State Dept. of Biological Sciences Controlled Environment Rooms (7) Natchitoches, LA
Oschner Hospital Controlled Environment Rooms (3) New Orleans, LA
Northeast Louisiana University School of Pharmacy Animal, Plant Growth, and Cold Walk-in Rooms Monroe, LA
Louisiana State University Dept. of Plant Pathology and Microbiology Explosion Proof Plant Growth Rooms (4) Baton Rouge, LA
Louisiana Tech Department of Forestry Plant Growth Room Ruston, LA
Goudchaux’s Department Stores Temperature and Humidity Controlled Fur Storage Vats, Design & Build Turnkey New Orleans, LA
Georgia-Pacific Corporation Chiller Based Vapor Recovery Systems, Explosion Proof Refrigerated Catalyst Storage Buildings , Project included Dual Refrigeration Systems, Automatic Switch-Over Controls, Concrete Foundations and Safety Walls, and Remote Mechanical Equipment Area, Design & Build Turnkey Plaquemine, LA
Ethyl Corporation Electro-Pneumatic Control Panel Baton Rouge, LA
BASF Chemical Power Distribution Center, Explosion Proof High and Low Temperature Product Testing Buildings , Cooling Tower Water Treatment Facility Incl. Analyzer Building, Air Conditioning, Additive Chemicals Storage Vats, pH and Conductivity Analyzers and Controls, Skid Assembly with Sulfuric Acid Storage and Feed Tanks, Chlorinator System, Ancillary Furniture and Piping., Design & Build Turnkey Geismar, LA
American Cyanamid Customized Computer Room Air Conditioning System., Computer Study and Design of Vapor Recovery System for Acrylonitrile., Skid-Mounted. Explosion-proof, Duel Stage Refrigeration-based Vapor Recovery System.<, Design & Build Turnkey Hahnville, LA
US Bureau of Standard Test Room, Design & Build Turnkey Washington, DC
Marshall Space Flight Center Koolkart Magnum (2) Huntsville, AL
Coors Clean Room for Measurements Facility Boulder, CO
Utah State University Three (3) Environmental Rooms for Biology Department Logan, UT
Rice Experiment Station Tissue culture room and freezer. Design & build turnkey Crowley, LA
M.D. Anderson Hospital University of Texas Walk-in incubator, cold room, and controlled environmental room Houston, TX
State University of New York Biological Sciences Building Thirty-seven (37) temperature and humidity controlled rooms including twelve HP ( high-performance) walk-in plant growth rooms. All special equipment including special lighting systems, recording light monitors, refrigeration assemblies and control housing fabricated by SSC Scientific Precision Division. Stony Brook, NY
Alabama A&M University Dept. of Agricultural Sciences Three (3) walk-in rooms including one plant growth room and several reach-in chambers. Huntsville, AL
University of Texas Dental School Fourteen (14) controlled environment rooms ranging from -20 degrees Celsius freezers to 37 degree Celsius incubators San Antonio, TX
Occidental Chemical Explosion proof catalyst storage facility, spark proof Aluminum building, redundant refrigeration, emergency generator installation; Design & Build turnkey Taft, LA
Hoechst-Celanese Dry room, Design & Build Corpus Christi, TX
Goodyear Atomic Corporation Negative pressure testing facility for studies of radioactive gas emissions, Design & Build turnkey Piketon, OH
Bell Aerospace Skid mounted high pressure washing rig Panama City, FL
Certain-Teed (for CF Braun) Explosion proof low temperature catalyst storage warehouse Lake Charles, LA
Union Carbide Engineering study and redesign of existing control room air conditioning system Hahnville, LA
Daniel Industries Test chamber for rapid temperature cycling of electronic instrumentation. Design & Build turnkey Houston, TX
International Brokerage Skid-mounted packaged chiller Miami, FL
U.S. Department of Justice immigration and Naturalization 30 ton trailer mounted Koolkart mobile air conditioning system Miami, FL



Company Product(s) Location
Salamanca, Guanajuato


Company Product(s) Location
U.S. Air Force KoolKart mobile air conditioning systems (2) Howard Air Force Base, Panama


Company Product(s) Location
Eilat Ashklelon Pipeline Corrosion resistant, Division 1 explosion proof air conditioners


Company Product(s) Location
Promon Electronica Safetycool explosion proof air conditioners


Company Product(s) Location
M/D Totco Explosion proof rook top air conditioner for offshore platform
VSD Engineering Explosion proof unit coolers


Company Product(s) Location
Jupitor Corporation KoolKart mobile air conditioners


Company Product(s) Location
Pequiven Control room PBX 20 combination air conditioning / pressurization system with five stages deep bed gas-phase filters. Design & Build turnkey
Lagoven Koolkart explosion proof mobile air conditioner


Company Product(s) Location
Alcoa Surinam Aluminum Koolkart Magnum 30 ton mobile air conditioning Jamaica, B.W.I
Kaiser Allpart Control room console, 50 ft semi-circle design, built and wired Design & Build turnkey Jamaica, B.W.I

United Arab Emirates

Company Product(s) Location
ZADCO 7-1/2 ton Mobile Air Conditioning System Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


Company Product(s) Location
United Brands Controlled Environment Curing Rooms Honduras


Company Product(s) Location
Shriner’s Hospital Mechanical Equipment and Controls for Controlled Environment Room Lachine, P.Q., Canada
Bedford Institute for Oceanographic Research Controlled Environment Rooms (3) Lachine, P.Q., Canada


Company Product(s) Location
Qatar Petrochemical Explosion Proof Air Conditioning Qatar
Qatar Government Explosion Proof Air Conditioning and Humidity Control Systems for Ammunition Storage Bunkers (24) Doha, Qatar


Company Product(s) Location
Kuwait National Petroleum 15 ton Mobile Explosion Proof Air Conditioning Systems Kuwait

Puerto Rico

Company Product(s) Location
Westinghouse Military Systems Temperature Cycling Test Facility Puerto Rico


Company Product(s) Location
Chinese National Petroleum Pressurization, Air Conditioning, and Carbon Filter Systems Taiwan


Company Product(s) Location
Atlantic Richfield (Petrosea) Offshore Control Building Preasurization / Air Conditioning Systems (7) Bally North, Indonesia


Company Product(s) Location
Esso Malaysia Combined Stainless Steel Pressurization and Air Conditioning Systems Malaysia


Company Product(s) Location
Neste Politoros Explosion Proof Air Conditioning System Spain

South Korea

Company Product(s) Location
Honam Oil Refinery Explosion Proof Packaged Air Conditioning Systems, PBX 10 Pressurization Systems, PBX 20 Pressurization Systems, WACX SafetyCool A/C Units Yochon, South Korea
KNPC PBX 20, PBX 15 and WACX pressurization / air conditioning systems for analyzer buildings Seoul, Korea
Samchang Engineering Control room PBX 20 combination air conditioning / pressurization Seoul, Korea

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