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A continuous duty, rotating disc, atmospheric dryer designed primarily for both dynamic and static systems

R-Series require low humidity control for industrial processes, critical storage areas and controlled environmental rooms. Ideally suited for use with precooling and/or aftercooling equipment to maintain total temperature-humidity control.


  • Process and Reactivation Blower Assembly Provides Centrifugal, Direct Driven, Open Drip Proof Motor Components
  • Electrical Controller Includes Motor Starters, Control Relays, and Overload Protection
  • Industrial Duty Semi-GlossAir Dried Enamel Finish
  • Pre-Cooling,After-Cooling, and Re-HeatAssemblies Offered as Options
  • Fully Insulated Interior


  • Industrial Process Dehumidification
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Active Storage
  • Munitions Storage
  • Automated Ingredient Handling Systems
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Laboratories

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