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Since 1965, GCI Refrigeration Technologies has designed, produced, and customized quality industrial chillers for metalworking. With several product lines and models to choose from, we provide effective solutions for every machine shop application.

Chillers for Metalworking

We manufacture two lines of industrial chillers that are suitable for metalworking and can be customized to meet your workflow. Customers can choose from our models based on size and capacity and select between air-compressed or water-compressed designs.

Our DH Series Icewagon™ heavy-duty industrial chillers are built with standardized proprietary parts, and each product can be customized with additional features. Their capacity ranges from 5 to 26 horsepower for air-compressed units and 6 to 30 horsepower for water-compressed units.

For applications requiring lower temperature thresholds, our extra low-temperature industrial chillers can cool materials down to as low as -75°F. Their optional functions include outdoor and split systems, special paint and weatherproofing, heaters, oversized tanks, and special pumps.

Using a Chiller for Metalworking

Because safely managing heat is critical in metalworking facilities, industrial chillers play a crucial role in machine shop applications. For stamping, spot welding, laser cutting, resistance welding, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and other metalwork, quality chillers help maintain the integrity of products while keeping personnel safe. By using rapid, contained cooling methods, our chillers can work effectively with minimal human intervention. Industrial chillers are ideal for a wide range of specialized metalworking applications because they help prevent workplace injuries and make processes more efficient.

Metalworkers are well versed in the importance of safety, and the meticulous nature of their work leaves little room for error. Industrial-grade chillers from GCI Refrigeration Technologies are ideal for improving safety and maximizing efficiency in a range of metalworking environments. To request more information about our products, call us at 225-926-6950 or reach out online.

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