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Temporary Heavy Duty HVAC Solutions

When you need temporary air conditioning and heating, and commercial grade is not good enough.

When the conditions are too extreme or the hazards to great, Scientific Systems can keep you comfortable and safe for years to come with industrial spot coolers. Our units can be found at launch sites keeping rocket payloads cool, to the middle eastern desert where temps can reach 130° F.

Our units are available with or without heat. These portable industrial spot cooler units are built to the highest heavy industrial standard, and will last for years to come. 

We custom build a full line of heavy-duty portable cooling and heating units with multiple options like:

Explosion proof Class I, Div 2
High ambient conditions
Full Harsh environment
Stainless steel construction
Coated coils
Lifting points when you need to load it and take it to another location.
No flat tires
Powder Coat finish

All these units are built so they can be moved by one person with no additional equipment required.

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