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HazardCool Air Conditioners for Hazardous Installations

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Explosion Proof 7,500 to 36,000 BTU/Hr Window or Thru-Wall HVAC Unit for Hazardous Installations.

Scientific Systems LLC serves customers in a variety of industries by manufacturing severe duty air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to custom specifications. Our HazardCool Air Conditioners are explosion-proof, 12,000 to 36,000 BTUH units designed for window or thru-wall installations.

What Are HazardCool Air Conditioners?

These systems are engineered specifically for hazardous and corrosive environments. A wide range of models meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code under Class I, Groups C and D or Class II, Groups F and G, Division 1. Optional epoxy finish and coil coatings protect against corrosion in the most severe environments and heavy-duty cover housing is also available in 316 stainless steel. Each unit’s blower is belt-driven, and only industrial-quality components approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are used. Wiring is fully enclosed in rigid conduit, and a slide-out chassis facilitates service and maintenance. Temperature and direction of supply air are adjustable from the front panel.

Combining HazardCool Air Conditioners with PBX 10 Series Pressurization Blowers is a cost-effective way to provide both cooling and room pressurization for compliance with NFPA 496. When installations require greater cooling capacities and air flow, we recommend the PBX 20 Series. These versatile units allow the designer to meet most any combination of heat load, air flow, air filtration, and space consideration. Our PBX 20 systems are also shipped pre-assembled, fully instrumented, and pretested.

Features of HazardCool Air Conditioners

HazardCool Air Conditioners have a cooling capacity of 12,000 to 36,000 BTUH, plus a built-in thermostat that’s adjustable from the front panel. We also offer an optional full corrosion protection package, and all of our HazardCool units come with a three-year limited warranty.

They meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code for use in Class I, Groups C and D or Class II, Groups F and G, Division 1 hazardous locations.

Applications of HazardCool Air Conditioners

Since this system is explosion-proof and highly suited to hazardous and corrosive environments, it’s especially useful in the applications listed below.

To request more information about our HazardCool Air Conditioners, please contact Scientific Systems LLC  or call 225-926-6950 today.


  • For Hazardous Locations Classified per NEC Class I, Groups C and D and Class II, Groups F and G, Division 1 and 2
  • SSC – CoC [Certificate of Conformance] Certified to U.S. and Canadian standards
  • Cooling Capacities from 7,500 to 35,000 BTUH
  • Built-in Thermostat Adjustable from Front Panel
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel Housing (optional)
  • Slide-out case for Easy Access.
  • Full Corrosion Protection Package(optional)
  • Also Available in 50 Hertz Models Request Bulletin EXWI5PSS
  • One-Year Limited Warranty


  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Petroleum production, refining, and transport
  • Gas pipeline compression stations
  • Offshore platforms
  • Fuel and chemical transfer terminals
  • Facilities using paints and solvents
  • Ordnance plants and armories
  • Grain transfer and storage
  • Hazardous materials storage facilities


Model Cool Voltage Fuse Height Width Depth Weight
HC-WACX-0753 8200 115 20 24-1/2 25-15/16 27-3/8 210
HC-WACX-1103 11750 115 25 24-1/2 25-15/16 27-3/8 215
HC-WACX-1203 12000/118000 230/208 15 24-1/2 25-15/16 27-3/8 255
HC-WACX-1803 18300/17800 230/208 20 26-3/4 25-15/16 27-3/8 275
HC-WACX-2403 24600/24400 230/208 25 26-3/4 25-15/16 27-3/8 300
HC-WACX-2753 28000/27700 230/208 30 28-3/4 28-0/0 33-5/8 310
HC-WACX-3503 36000/35700 230/208 35 28-3/4 28-0/0 33-5/8 310

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