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Corrosion Resistant Coil Coating (SaveCoil 101)

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Chemical resistant organic coating for airconditioning, refrigeration and heating coils. Approximately 3100 hrs. salt spray test

Modified Phenolic applied over chemical bond by flood coating followed by baking. CAUTION: SaveCoil 101 should not be confused with less effective, spray applied and air dried coil coatings. These tend to become excessively brittle and flake.

SaveCoil 101 can be applied over most metals such as iron, steel, aluminum and copper. As a coil coating it will tolerate considerable abusive handling without subsequent damage to the coated coil fins. Equipment that may vibrate, flex, expand or contract extensively and for severe hydrogen sulfide exposure SaveCoil 63 is the preferred choice. All SaveCoil coatings are available as corrosion protection on Scientific Systems heat transfer products.

SaveCoil 101 is a non-conductor and will provide effective electrical insulation; this greatly reduces corrosion caused by stray galvanic currents resulting from the presence of dissimilar metals.

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