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All units come completely equipped with remote control unit and cable, and flexible ducting for ready-to-operate air conditioning service.

All TRAC models can be towed by any military vehicle from jeep size up. The tow ring is made to fit standard military trailer hitch.

A feature of many portable TRAC single axle models is easy of dismounting — four securing bolts are easily removed and the air conditioning unit can be lifted by fork lift (list slots provided in chasis) or slid on the rear onto its sturdy skids. The air conditioning unit can then be moved on its skids alone.

Originally designed for military use, the TRAC models are now being used by both commercial and military users, wherever a highly mobile, but ruggedly built mobile air conditioning unit is required.

In addition to mobile electronic vans and tracking stations, the TRAC models can also be used by airports, office buildings, manufacturing plants, etc., as an emergency unit in case of equipment failure.

IMPAC can produce custom units of various dimensions and capacities to fit individual requirements.


Self contained air cooled diesel driven constant outlet temp

Ground support electronics and personnel cooling of High Performance Jet Aircraft

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The Model TRAC 50-D-SB is a self-contained, air cooled air conditioner

The Model  TRAC 50-D-SB is a self-contained, air cooled air conditioner provided with Detroit Diesel 3-53 Series prime mover, mounted on a four wheel, steerable trailer for mobility. The unit is completely independent of all fixed utilities and is suitable for use in severe environmental conditions.

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Self Contained, Air Cooled, Electric Motor Drive, All Fresh Air

Portable air Conditioning

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