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Chillers for Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

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Since 1965, GCI Refrigeration Technologies has continued to provide our customers with high-quality chillers for plastics and rubber manufacturing, exceptional service, and competitive prices. A national leader in the provision of customized industrial chillers, we work with each customer to select the most suitable chiller for their applications, outfit it with our customized optional features, and deliver the fully assembled, ready-to-use product.

Our Chillers for Plastics and Rubber

Featuring both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, our proprietary line of DH Series Icewagon™ Chillers offers ideal solutions to streamline the plastics and rubber manufacturing process. With models available in various dimensions and capacities, we can help you find the best system for your industrial needs.

  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Chillers: Built with standard components, these chillers are custom-built with both air-cooling and water-cooling options. Each unit is custom-made with standard components and optional features such as steel frames and covers, dual compressors, secondary coolant loops, and job-specific evaporators.
  • Extra-Low-Temperature Industrial Chillers: These portable chillers provide air condensing or water condensing cooling functions for temperatures as low as -75°F. Each customized unit is built upon order, and customers can choose from optional equipment including long-life semi-hermetic compressors, hot gas bypass, special refrigeration, and safety packages.

Using a Chiller in the Plastics and Rubber Industry

When used properly, chiller systems can contribute to safe, efficient working environments. Since the process of making plastic involves the application and manipulation of very high heat that is beyond human management, durable chillers can be credited with providing quick, streamlined temperature control for optimal manufacturing time. The use of quality chilling equipment also contains the extreme fluctuations in temperature, minimizing the potential for personnel injury. As an added measure, customers may choose to install cooling towers to keep factory equipment cool by navigating heat to external areas.

In the plastics and rubber manufacturing industry, chillers facilitate efficient production processes and ensure the safety of staff and equipment. For more information on our air condensing and water condensing industrial chillers or to customize a product for your application, contact GCI Refrigeration Technologies online or by phone at 225-926-6950.

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