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  • CABINET: OUTDOOR CONSTRUCTION: Wrap around 16GA gauge 316 grade stainless steel flat sheet incorporated to minimize the number of joints and leaks. The unit shall be insulated with minimum 1” thick armaflex insulation on all the walls and ceiling. All joints will be sealed with caulking.
  • SYSTEM BLOWERS: The evaporator blower is designed for an external static of 3.5”
  • ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Electrical and power requirements shall be 208-230V/3PH/60HZ supply.
  • CONTROLS: Digital PLC for control of dry-bulb temperature via the reheat electric coil and SCR. The unit will be designed and preset for maximum dehumidification. Blowers provided with starters.
  • DX UNIT: Dehumidification system shall be supplied with a stripper-cooling coil. VARISTEP control solenoids will be used for capacity control. Both the evaporator and condenser coils are coated with special “SAVECOIL101” coating for salty atmospheric conditions corrosion resistance.
  • FILTRATION: Inlet filters shall be 30 percent, 2” thick pleated type per ASHRAE 52.76. Final filter: HEPA final filter.


  • Reheat system shall be supplied with electric heat.
  • Wire loading shall be designed with the largest possible wire gauge and the lowest possible watt density to assure longer life
  • Resistance wires shall be supported by ceramic insulators that are held in place with stainless steel straps.

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