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Cannabis and the Need for Explosion-Proof Systems

Cannabis is truly becoming a booming industry. With recent recreational legalization in Canada and many U.S. states, the cannabis industry is experiencing incredible amounts of growth. As the industry continues to thrive and develop, manufacturers are starting to standardize and maximize their means of production. One key aspect of cannabis cultivation that many growers are starting to recognize is the importance of temperature and humidity control. The conditions at which you grow are crucial to the volume and quality of cannabis being produced. If you are looking to expand your cannabis operation, it is imperative to own an explosion-proof process chiller. This will enable greater production of Cannabis and ultimately greater profits.

Why Climate Control for Cannabis Is Important

Unlike other crops, cannabis plants are usually cultivated indoors.  This helps regulate the strict conditions (climate, temperature, and sun exposure) needed for high quality cannabis growth. While cannabis can be grown outdoors, many growers, especially those living in colder environments, must rely on indoor facilities to maintain stable environmental conditions. The key component to sustaining these conditions is the cooling system. 

Cannabis plants that are grown indoors require set amounts of light and cooling. These two features work hand-in-hand. The lights provide the energy for the plants to grow, and the industrial process chiller reduces the heat from the lamps. To maximize the quality and volume of the harvest, marijuana needs to be grown at temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This climate range can go up to 85 if carbon dioxide injections are being used alongside added light. If proper ventilation and cooling systems are not in place, then the grow house could have nighttime temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This sort of heat could result in devastating consequences. In some cases, it could end up destroying the entire batch. 

That is why it is imperative that you invest in a reliable cannabis process chiller. These central cooling systems can provide a stable and consistent temperature for any size of growing room. If you want to ensure the quality and safety of your cannabis production, you should consider installing an explosion-proof chilling system. Why explosion-proof, you may ask? Because temperature isn’t the only risk affecting your cannabis cultivation.

The Reasons for Choosing Explosion-Proof Systems

Explosion-proof chillers are the gold standard for centralized cooling. The last thing you would want is for your air conditioning unit to also be a fire hazard. Minimizing explosions is always a good thing, but especially true when it comes to indoor cannabis extractors. Cannabis extraction uses large amounts of butane, ethanol, and propane to meticulously maintain their desired environments. These substances are extremely flammable. A small explosion or tiny fire could result in massive amounts of damages. Not only that, it is also an incredible safety risk. Maximizing the health and safety of your employees should always be the number one priority. That is the key reason why you should choose a trusted industrial process chiller manufacturer like GCI Refrigeration that specializes in explosion-proof cooling solutions.

GCI Refrigeration as Your Cannabis Cooling Solution

Cooling your growing rooms requires more than just explosion-proofing and basic process chillers. Each indoor growing facility will have different cooling needs based on space, size, and location. With GCI Refrigeration, you can receive customized industrial process chillers that satisfy Class I, Division 1, and Division 2 requirements. Not only should your cannabis extraction chiller be safe, but it should also maximize productivity. With efficient airflow and temperature distribution, you should be able to get the most out of each and every harvest.

To learn more about how GCI Refrigeration can upgrade your cannabis extraction, visit our dedicated Cannabis Manufacturing page today.

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