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Do I Need a Custom Explosion-Proof Chiller?

If you operate in a work environment with volatile materials, you need a custom solution to protect your equipment. Custom explosion-proof chillers are designed to withstand rugged environments and safeguard equipment to reduce costly repairs and increase efficiency.

If you are wondering if you need custom explosion-proof chillers in your worksite, Scientific Systems has created a complete guide to inform you how they work, their benefits, and how to determine if your facility would benefit from one.

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How Does a Custom Explosion-Proof Chiller Work?

Custom explosion-proof chillers are designed to quickly and effectively cool materials in your operations. They are specifically engineered to withstand hazardous environments, ensuring the internal components are protected from flammable materials that could cause ignition. These chillers can use either an air-cooled or water-cooled process, depending on the specific needs of your facility.

By law, many worksites with flammable materials in the air require explosion-proof chillers to protect the facility’s workers. This requirement underscores the critical importance of these chillers in maintaining a safe work environment.

The Benefits of Custom Explosion-Proof Chiller

The primary benefit of ordering a custom explosion-proof chiller for your facility is protecting personnel and equipment from potentially dangerous hazards. By mitigating the risk of explosions caused by flammable materials, you can create a safer workplace for your employees.

Moreover, custom explosion-proof chillers can save money by reducing the likelihood of costly accidents, equipment damage, and production downtime. As a result, you can enjoy increased productivity and a safer working environment.

When you need a custom explosion-proof chiller to keep your facility and employees safe, contact Scientific Systems. We have over 50 years of experience designing and delivering custom-built chillers that guarantee protection and enhance productivity, including chillers that go down to -130 degrees Fahrenheit. Contact us today for more information about our explosion-proof chillers.

Would Your Facility Benefit from a Custom Explosion-Proof Chiller?

Some worksites are more prone to ignitions than others. Certain industries often require custom explosion-proof chillers to maintain a safe work environment. These applications include:

The features needed on a custom explosion-proof chiller depend on the specific industry and facility operation. You also have to factor in calculating chiller capacity and why that is important when looking for a chiller for your processes.

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Scientific Systems is an industry leader in supplying custom solutions to various industries, so we can help you determine the type of chiller best suited for your operations, including chillers that go down to -130 degrees Fahrenheit. When you need more information about a chiller that will improve safety and production at your worksite, contact us at 225-926-6950 and tell us about your facility.

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