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4 Industrial HVAC Maintenance Tips – Learn How to Maintain Your HVAC System

If your workplace relies on custom HVAC solutions to sustain a safe environment, you need to learn how to maintain your HVAC system. Here are four industrial HVAC maintenance tips to ensure your unit is performing in top condition to keep your employees and worksite safe and minimize disruptions in your daily operations.

Scientific Systems can design and build a custom HVAC solution for your facility that increases worksite safety and productivity. Contact us for more information about our HVAC products and speak to our team of experts.

Industrial HVAC Maintenance Tip #1: Replace Filters Regularly

Replacing air filters is key to ensuring proper industrial HVAC maintenance. Your HVAC system’s air filters keep the air quality of your facility clean and allow for easier airflow in the unit. However, determining when to replace the filters isn’t simple, as it depends on your work environment.

Does your worksite have combustible dust particles flying around every day? Then, you might want to replace your filters monthly. If your work location is less hazardous, you could replace filters every 90 days. Remember, replacement largely depends on the facility or site environment.

Industrial HVAC Maintenance Tip #2: Clear Vents of Debris and Dirt

Debris and dirt can build up in your system’s vents, especially if you have a hazardous work environment. Clean your vents regularly to avoid damage to your unit for proper industrial HVAC maintenance. Cleaning vents can increase longevity and save money by minimizing or eliminating repair costs.

Industrial HVAC Maintenance Tip #3: Clean Condenser Coil

The effectiveness of your HVAC unit is heavily reliant on the cleanliness of the condenser coil. The coil is responsible for dissipating heat from the refrigerant. When it is dirty or dusty, your unit will work harder to perform effectively for your operations, increasing energy consumption and operation costs.

Clean the condenser coil and remove any obstructions, like dirt or other build-ups, for effective industrial HVAC maintenance. The thicker coils designed by Scientific Systems leave more space between each coil, resulting in less frequent clogs and easier maintenance. While they still need to be maintained, we build custom units with high-quality parts that strengthen your operations.

Industrial HVAC Maintenance Tip #4: Clean Heat Pump

Your system’s heat pump acts as an air conditioner and a heater. You’ll want to clean the heat pump periodically for industrial HVAC maintenance and ensure it works properly. Make sure you shut off power to the unit before cleaning off any heat pump debris.

Consult Scientific Systems About a Custom HVAC System

When you come to Scientific Systems for a custom HVAC unit, we implement features based on your needs. Thanks to our customized solutions, industrial HVAC maintenance will be less frequent and allow for easier upkeep. Consult the professionals at Scientific Systems to learn more information about our HVAC solutions when you call 225-926-6950.

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