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Lockheed Martin

Recently, Lockheed Martin, one of our customers had reached out to us about a unit built in 2002 requesting a manual for operation.Naturally curious about the status of a 16 year old unit, we inquired on the unit’s performance and life. We were pleased to hear from our esteemed customer that the unit had been extensively run like clockwork for about 12 years until it had moved locations. Upon pulling our old files we were able to see from our records what was provided. We had provided Lockheed with our IceWagon DS150WC series chiller. With a capacity of 156,000 BTUH at 65°F our chiller can produce 13 Tons of cooling supplied via a 30 GPM process flow at 110 psi. With this IceWagon Chiller we had also provided some options such as Loss of Flow Alarm, Horn, Lights, and contacts.  Here, at GCI Refrigeration we take pride in our IceWagon Line of chillers. With over 50 years of experience in the field we provide quality where it counts. 

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