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Technical Products Inc.

Technical Products Inc. is a product development and contract manufacturing company based out of Sterling, Massachusetts. They design and build specialty products for Process and Industrial Automation for a variety of clients worldwide in mechanical and chemical fields.

Technical Products Inc. contacted us to design and construct a chiller for their Burlytic System that was being built for their clients, a Fortune 500 company and the DOD. This chiller had to be specially designed to keep the temperature of a highly corrosive electrolyte within a specified operating range. After going through numerous combinations of materials that would withstand the corrosive nature of the fluids, GCI Engineers came up with the right combination that could chill the electrolyte without any degradation.

After the unit was finished, it underwent an extensive week long testing procedure. This was done to ensure that it met the desired specs and did not show any signs of degradation. Once testing was completed, the product was shipped and delivered to China where it has been running without issue for the past five years.

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