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Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Chiller

An inefficient or malfunctioning industrial chiller can increase the cost of operation through higher power consumption and maintenance costs. It can also affect the quality of products you are manufacturing. Even with the most proactive maintenance program, a time will come when you might have to replace the aging unit. How do you tell that it is time to replace your aging chiller? Here are the main signs to look for.

High Maintenance and Repair Costs

Maintaining an unreliable chiller can mean excess money spent on repairs every year that could have otherwise gone toward the company’s bottom line. It is a considerable expense in any production setup. Whenever the chiller breaks down, there’s a huge impact on the timely operation of your business, potentially delaying delivery timelines, resulting in unhappy customers. In this situation, chiller replacement becomes necessary.

Age of the Unit

There’s no clear-cut standard for determining how long a chiller should operate, but most manufacturers recommend a replacement after about 15 to 20 years of service. Industrial chillers work hard and are in operation every single day. With age, different components of the system will inevitably wear out.

Replacing individual parts and refrigerant over the years becomes an expensive undertaking, and locating spare parts for old chiller brands can become a tedious task for technicians. At this point, a new chiller will not only help you eliminate the time spent on repairs, but it will also put you in a position to leverage new technologies in industrial chiller manufacturing.

Higher Energy Bills

An industrial chiller is often one of the main consumers of power in an industrial facility. This unit works hard for other systems to operate properly. If you notice the power bill keeps rising, then it may be time to take a look at your chiller’s efficiency levels and see if it’s the culprit for increased energy costs. With age, even common electrical appliances found in homes require more power to do the same work as a new unit. By switching to a more energy-efficient chiller, you can save money on energy costs.

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