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Why Pay More for a Scientific System Unit?

When it comes to air conditioning and refrigeration, quality goes a long way. At Scientific Systems, we specialize in producing explosion-proof, heavy-duty air conditioning and refrigeration equipment that is of the highest quality, customized to fit any industry. Though our clients pay more for our products, they remain loyal because we deliver a completely custom and extremely durable product that meets all their needs. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why our units are worth every penny.

Longer Lasting

Why purchase a new air conditioning or refrigeration unit every few years? We don’t want our customers to have any concerns about the longevity of our equipment. That’s why we aim to manufacture products that our clients can rely on for the foreseeable future. To accomplish this, we use the highest quality metals, components, and craftsmanship. Furthermore, each unit is designed to withstand the specific conditions it will face throughout its lifetime. When our clients purchase an explosion proof HVAC unit, we expect it to serve them for decades, and they can expect their money to go a long way.

Custom Created

Unique businesses sometimes require unique solutions. That’s why every unit we manufacture is completely custom-built, tailored to each individual client’s needs. Custom-built air conditioning and refrigeration units are especially valuable for businesses that operate in a variety of countries and climates. For example, one of our clients, Northrop Grumman, is an international satellite tracking firm with stations all over the world. They requested a cooling unit for their Australian facility which would prevent the technology from overheating. Like their Houston facility, Alice Springs, Australia can get blistering hot. That’s why we developed a custom-built condensing unit with 360-degree rotation. Using a split system condenser with flexible refrigerant hoses allowed Northrop Grumman’s satellite to operate efficiently and effectively. In addition, there was no risk of explosions.

Better Service

American Express VP Raymond Joabar, quoted results from a survey indicating that 7 of 10 U.S. consumers say they spend more at businesses that deliver excellent service. Scientific Systems understands the needs of its clients, and we strive to offer the best service possible. In addition to our customized cooling apparatus, we also offer 100% design and start-up assistance for our units. We want our customers to have as few obstacles as possible when it comes to upgrading their operations. If you value your time and energy, you will value a unit built at Scientific Systems..

For more information on how Scientific Systems units provide valuable, customizable, and efficient experiences, contact us today.

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