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Self contained air cooled diesel driven constant outlet temp

Ground support electronics and personnel cooling of High Performance Jet Aircraft

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The Model TRAC 50-D-SB is a self-contained, air cooled air conditioner

The Model  TRAC 50-D-SB is a self-contained, air cooled air conditioner provided with Detroit Diesel 3-53 Series prime mover, mounted on a four wheel, steerable trailer for mobility. The unit is completely independent of all fixed utilities and is suitable for use in severe environmental conditions.

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Self Contained, Air Cooled, Electric Motor Drive, All Fresh Air

Portable air Conditioning

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Designed to meet rugged environmental conditions

The model DEH-34-400 Dehumidifier has been incorporated in all ANN/GRM-86 Spare Parts Maintenance Support Shelters used by the Marine Corps. The unit has been designed HD-750/G and operates from 120/280 volt, three phase, 400 cycle power.

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Designed to meet humidity control requirements of telecommunication and electronic equipment areas

The Model DEH-34-250/260 series dehumidifiers provide moisture removal capabilities by means of condensation on evaporator coil surfaces. These units provide reliable operation over a long service life with minimum attention due to the use of proven refrigeration components and designs based on IMPAC´s experience in providing high quality, special purpose built air conditioning systems for industrial aerospace and military clients.

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GSU Series

Truck mounted air conditioner

Truck mounted air conditioner made for portability that cools to your needs.

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