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Explosion-Proof Classified Units

Class 1 Division 1

Many industrial processes find themselves in hazardous areas, and with these locations, you will need safety classifications. Whether you are in the petrochemical industry or the cannabis industry, or anywhere in between, there may be a good chance that you need explosion-proof classified units.

Explosion-proof is a generic term, and when applied to the equipment, it does not by itself assure it is safe to use in a hazardous location. Required are additional code designations, such as Class 1 Division 1.

How are these classified, and what are the criteria? The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines a National Fire Protection Association classification system for hazardous locations. Specifically, NFPA 70.

More Information About Class 1 Division 1

Let’s start with Class 1 Division 1. Class 1 Division 1 is one “in which ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors may exist under normal operating conditions; or in which ignitable concentrations of such gases or vapors may frequently exist because of repair or maintenance operations or because of leakage, or in which breakdown or faulty operation of equipment or processes might release ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors and might also cause simultaneous failure of electric equipment.” (

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Many processes fall under this category. Most recently and notably, the cannabis industry. Many hydrocarbon-based extraction systems such as propane and butane extraction for cannabis production have to be rated. These regulations allow insurance companies to justify the extraction rooms that meet Class 1 Division 1 regulations and safety measures if done correctly.

Our components will meet Class 1 Division 1 requirements if needed. Request more information from Scientific Systems/GCI, a producer of these products for over 50 years.

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