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Safeguard and Protect Your Worksite

At Scientific Systems, we understand the challenges of working in a potentially hazardous environment. We develop explosion-proof mini splits to provide reliable and safe heating and cooling solutions for worksites with volatile materials.

Our explosion-proof mini-split systems meet National Electric Code (NEC) Class 1, Division 2 to ensure your facility remains protected. We also custom-build them to fit your production, boosting productivity and performance. Contact Scientific Systems today for explosion-proof mini-split systems that protect your workers and facility from hazardous materials.

Our Explosion-Proof Mini-Split System

Features of Our Explosion-Proof Mini-Split System

Whether you need to protect your drilling platform, analyzer shelter, or crane cab, our explosion-proof mini-splits are designed to keep your hazardous environment safe. Features of our explosion-proof mini-splits include:

Impact and Vibration Resistant
Excellent Corrosion Protection
Self-Contained, Pre-tested, Easy Installation

Learn how to safeguard your worksite, keep your employees safe, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line when you ask about our explosion-proof mini-split systems.

Why Trust Scientific Systems for Explosion-Proof Mini-Splits?

For over 50 years, Scientific Systems has been committed to providing custom HVAC solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. When you partner with us, our experienced engineers work closely with you to determine the design of your explosion-proof mini-split, and our skilled technicians ensure a smooth and seamless installation.

Our experience and expertise make us the ideal partner for businesses looking for safe, reliable, and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions. Contact us today and speak to a representative about how explosion-proof mini-split systems can benefit your operations.

Receive Your High-Quality and Reliable Explosion-Proof Mini-Split System

Don’t let your hazardous work environment hold back your production—trust Scientific Systems to keep you safe and comfortable with our explosion-proof mini splits. Contact us today at 225-926-6950 or request more information when you fill out our online form.

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