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Reliable, Custom Industrial-Grade Units

When you need an HVAC solution to supply clean and dry air to your hazardous worksite, get a heavy-duty, reliable, explosion-proof portable air conditioner from Scientific Systems. We can provide a custom industrial-grade mobile unit to protect your employees and prevent production disruptions.

Scientific Systems is an experienced industry leader and can deliver an explosion-proof portable air conditioner that meets National Electric Code (NEC) requirements and surpasses your expectations. Whether you run a construction site or operate a chemical plant, our custom HVAC solutions can meet your needs, keep your team safe, and boost productivity.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom explosion-proof portable air conditioners.

Explosion-Proof Portable Air Conditioners Features

Features of Our Explosion-Proof Portable Air Conditioners

Your custom explosion-proof portable air conditioner should have top-of-the-line features to ensure the safety of your employees and facility and increase production. Scientific Systems provides high-quality features for both of our mobile units, the KoolKart and KKM Magnum Hi-Capacity Series.

Adjustable Blower Speeds and Pressures
Condensate Pumps
Corrosion Resistant Coil Coatings
Electric Heat
Heat Pumps
HEPA Filters
High Dust Leading Filters
Remote & Built-In Thermostats
Meets NEC Class I, Groups B, C & D, and for Class II, Groups F, & G, Div. 1 and 2
Meets NEC Class I, Groups B, C & D, and for Class II, Groups F, & G, Div. 1 and 2

Guarantee safety for your workers and receive a custom HVAC solution that will improve performance when you contact Scientific Systems about an explosion-proof portable air conditioner. Learn more about our KoolKart and KKM Magnum Hi-Capacity units to see which works best for your work environment.

Get Your Reliable, Custom Explosion-Proof Portable Air Conditioner Today

When you need a trusted, reliable, and experienced explosion-proof portable air conditioner provider to deliver a unit that benefits your operations, come to the experts at Scientific Systems. We have over 50 years of experience designing and crafting HVAC solutions that benefit many work environments, from chemical processing plants to oil platforms.

Ready to receive an explosion-proof portable air conditioner that will safeguard your facility and increase your bottom line? Contact Scientific Systems at 225-926-6950 or complete our online form for more information about our custom HVAC units.

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