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Enhance Worksite Performance

When you need a compact HVAC unit that provides maximum corrosion protection, call Scientific Systems. We can build and design a durable and cost-effective explosion-proof rooftop unit for hazardous locations.

Whether you need an explosion-proof rooftop unit for crane cabs, drilling platforms, or a mud logging building, we can custom-build your unit to fit your operations. These systems are also designed to comply with National Electric Code (NEC) Class 1, Groups B, C, and D, Division 2. Contact us today when you need an explosion-proof rooftop unit for your worksite.

Why Choose Our Rooftop Units

Why Choose Our Explosion-Proof Rooftop Units

As your explosion-proof rooftop unit provider, Scientific Systems can deliver top-performing HVAC products that boost productivity and reduce costs. We have over 50 years of experience designing and building high-quality HVAC units, and we work closely with you to understand what your facility needs.

Our explosion-proof rooftop units provide:

Maximum corrosion protection
Better shock protection with flexible refrigeration hoses
High impact resistance

When you are ready to improve worksite performance, call Scientific Systems and ask about our explosion-proof rooftop units.

Explosion-Proof Rooftop Unit Features

Explosion-Proof Rooftop Unit Features

Scientific Systems offers the CAXP and RACX series of explosion-proof rooftop units. Both units are suitable for use in hazardous locations and can be custom-built to fit your worksite’s needs.

Features of explosion-proof rooftop units:

Available for offshore use on drilling platforms, mud logging buildings, analyzers shelters, crane cabs, and portable buildings.
Impact and Vibration Resistant
Both Units and Controls Certified for NEC Class 1, Groups B, C, or D, Division 2
Exceptional Corrosion Protection
Self-Contained, Pre-tested, Easy Installation

Tell Us What You Need – Contact Us for a Custom Explosion-Proof Rooftop Unit

When you contact Scientific Systems for an explosion-proof rooftop unit, we listen to your needs to deliver an exceptional unit that benefits your operations. Contact us today at 225-926-6950 or fill out our online form so we can start on your project today.

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