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A Safer and More Productive Work Environment

Operating a hazardous work environment like control rooms, offshore oil and gas platforms, and chemical plants means prioritizing your employees’ and worksite’s safety and well-being. Investing in cutting-edge vertical package AC (VPAC HVAC) units will protect your workers and facility and maximize performance.

Scientific Systems is a leading industrial HVAC manufacturer that provides a complete line of VPAC HVAC units designed to meet the needs of your production. Our custom systems comply with National Electric Code (NEC) Class I Groups B, C, and D Division 2 & Class II, Groups E, F, and G in Divisions 1 and 2.

Protect your valuable assets and infrastructure while creating a safer and more productive work environment for your employees when you request a VPAC HVAC unit from Scientific Systems today.

Features of Our VPAC HVAC Series Units

Our reliable, severe-duty, explosion-proof VPAC HVAC units enhance productivity and safety in the most demanding work environments. With features such as full corrosion packages, pressurization, filtration, heat pumps, and more, we can design and develop a custom VPAC HVAC system to benefit your operations.

VA 40 VPAC HVAC Series

Features of VA 40 VPAC HVAC Series

Engineered for Severe Industrial and Marine Service
Capacities from 3 to 12.5 tons
Compact Vertical Design has Minimum Footprint
Explosion-Proof Models for Hazardous Locations*
Automatic Building Pressurization to Meet NFPA 496**
Steam or Electric Heaters*
Rugged Steel Cabinets are Two-Part Epoxy Protected with Beige or Blue Urethane Topcoat
Type 316 Stainless Steel Cabinets*
SaveCoil 101 Baked Protective Coil Coatings*
Three-Year Limited Warranty on Entire System


Request Product Bulletin**

Applications of VA 40 VPAC HVAC Series

Control Rooms, Motor Control Centers, and Analyzer Buildings
Offshore Oil & Gas Platform Crew Quarters and Control Building
Computer Rooms
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants
Gas Pipeline and Compressor Stations
Hazardous Material Storage
Painting and Solvent Use and Storage Areas
Grain Transfer and Storage Buildings
Ordnance Plants and Armories

Features of VACX VPAC HVAC Series

Capacities from 1.5 to 12 tons
NEC Class I, Groups B, C, and D, Div 1 & 2
Elec Heat, Heat Pump, or Steam Heat Coils
Inside or Outside Installation
1” or 2” Filters
Very Compact, Small Footprint
Full-Length Mounting Brackets Installed
Protective Coil Coatings Available
Low Ambient Control
Full Corrosion Package
Optional Building Pressurization per NFPA 496

Applications of VACX VPAC HVAC Series

Assembly lines
Manufacturing plants
Chemical plants
Computer rooms
VACX Economy VPAC HVAC Series

Features of VACX Economy VPAC HVAC Series

Weather-Resistant 20-gauge Galvanized Steel Enclosures
Equipped with Standing Cooling
Built for Light-Duty Industrial Applications

Applications of VACX Economy VPAC HVAC Series

Control rooms and computer rooms
Hazardous material storage
Motor control centers and analyzer buildings
Offshore oil and gas platform crew quarters and control buildings
Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
Gas pipeline and compressor stations
Painting and solvent use

With over 50 years of experience, Scientific Systems knows how to deliver reliable and efficient VPAC HVAC solutions to boost productivity, safety, and your bottom line. Contact us today and tell us about your facility so we can build a compact and custom VPAC HVAC unit for you.

Discover What Our VPAC HVAC Units Have to Offer – Contact Scientific Systems

Ready to experience the difference of our VPAC HVAC units? Contact Scientific Systems today at 225-926-6950 to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our custom VPAC HVAC solutions enhance your facility’s performance, reliability, and safety.

Call us or submit a request for more information with our online form. Don’t wait – invest in a custom VPAC HVAC unit that benefits your operations today!

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